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Mar 20, 2013 1:35am PDT
-l-s. >> l-d-e. >> b-r-t. >> p-o-r. >> s-e-d. >> t-o-l. >> u-n-p. >> c-f-e. >> l-t-r. >> f-e-t. >> m-c-h. >> f-h-r. >> you guys rock! good job! >> tracy: this technique gives the brainetics kids a huge advantage on every test in every class they take throughout grade school, high school and college. school becomes much easier after using brainetics because kids are able to remember all the information they've learned in each and every class, much better than kids who are staring at highlighted notes over and over again, hoping the information will sink in. not only will their grades greatly improve, but their self-esteem skyrockets. >> if i can do this, then i can do almost anything. >> i never really thought i could do anything like this without a calculator and suddenly, i'm doing this and it's so fun and amazing. >> it's really exciting actually when you finish a problem and you thought, like, when you didn't learn the whole chapter and say "i have no idea how to do this," and when you're all over-- "oh my gosh! i finished it! i did it! whoo-hoo!" >> tracy: the goss brothers lear
Mar 20, 2013 7:00am PDT
action to end the two-year civil war in syria. but the commander says a resolution from the u.n. security council and agreement among nato's 28 members will be required before taking a military role in syria. the commander tells us the senate committee that he believes providing military assistance to the opposition would be helpful in bringing an end to the war. syria's main opposition group is demanding a full investigation into an alleged chemical weapons attack by president assad's forces. >>> happening right now, president obama is on his first visit to israel since taking office. this is a live picture out of jerusalem where president obama is visiting israeli president, shimon peres at hiss residence. the two men -- at his residence. the two men just stepped indoors. as kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. bureau, the president is taking part in some intense talks with israeli leaders today. >> reporter: president obama and israeli leaders have to come up with an agreement on how to respond to iran's nuclear threats. we're
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)